Walnut Bowl with Nutcracker Porcelain, Bamboo Trim Heart Shaped (Gift)

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Nutcracker and bowl White Porcelain, Bamboo Trim Heart Shaped (Gift) sold as a single gift compact and easy to use nut cracker will come in handy when preparing healthy meals and snacks. Great for granola's or just crack and crunch over some fresh nuts. Your family will love the fresh nuts in their lunch bags or the home made granola in yogurt or cereal. Encourage a healthy diet. Place the magic nut cracker conveniently at place setting with a bowl of fresh nuts on table. The ease and convenient will entice their taste buds. Warning you will need to keep stock on your families favorite nuts. Just a precaution,the bowl holds a perfect amount for a medium sized gathering. A delightful way to serve nuts or trail 

Dimensions(LxWxH): 7x7x2.5  The Perfect  wedding gift idea housewarming gift, Anniversary gift, birthday gift and more.


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