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Double Shot Espresso Cups 13 piece Set Cherry Decor (Gift)

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Expected release date is 06/25/2021


Product Description



-           Non-Porous Stoneware Blocks Moisture; Prevents Cracking, Crazing & Rippling

-        Impermeable Exterior Enamel Resists Staining & Scratching from Metal Utensils

-        Nearly-Nonstick Glazed Interior Finish Easily Releases Foods for Quick Cleanup

-        Generously Sized Double Shot Cups Hold 2 Ounces Each; Set Includes 6 Cups

-        Integrated Rack Handle Makes for Easy Carrying; Set is 100% Dishwasher Safe





Can your hosting style use a java jolt?


Welcome this meticulously crafted, beautifully detailed 13-piece set from the ORIGINAL CUCINA ITALIANA collection into your home, and you’ll find that your freshly brewed coffees and espressos taste far better with our elegant Italian-style cups and saucers. The set includes 6 double shot cups, 6 saucers, and an upright metal rack that keeps it all organized for display and mobility. For a finish with flair, we offer two heartwarming color patterns: Yellow with fruit décor, or soft white with fruit décor. It’s true Italian in either style.


            Crafted of Dolomite Stone

The entire CUCINA ITALIANA collection features premium non-porous stoneware that’s stronger and more durable than porcelain or regular ceramic. It effectively blocks moisture absorption, preventing cracking, crazing and rippling.


Wrapped in Hard Enamel

Go ahead: be a little carefree. The impermeable exterior enamel perpetually resists staining from foods, drinks and other culinary offenders, and also withstands contact with metal utensils without scratching. In short – use it like you mean it.


Glazed & Nearly-Nonstick

Say “enough” to mysterious, stubborn stains at the bottom of your coffee cups. Our espresso cups feature a glazed interior finish that is highly durable and nearly nonstick, which serves to easily release foods and drinks for effortless cleanup.


Sized for Double the Shot

If you’re tired of your old 1-ounce espresso cups it’s because they don’t hold enough caffeine… With this Italian-style set from the  CUCINA ITALIANA collection, both you and guests enjoy double-shot espresso servings in each cup.


Outfitted with Convenience

Display your beautiful 13-piece espresso set with the included upright metal rack. For easy carrying, it features an integrated rack handle while the metal rings on the bottom keep the saucers from sliding out. The entire set is dishwasher safe.

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